I retired from the institution called Ministry of Customs and Monopoly in 1976, after serving for 29 years, in 2004.

I worked as an indirect representative for 4 years between 2004-2008 as a Customs Consultancy.

With the Ministry’s implementation of the Authorized Customs Consultancy system, I have served as Authorized Economic Operator for 11 years.

In most of my 29 years of service in the public sector, I have actively worked as an active instructor in in-service personnel trainings organized by the organization.

In the same period, I contributed as an instructor in the training activities organized by various non-governmental organizations, associations, chambers, and Vocational High Schools on Customs and Foreign Trade.

During the past fifteen years in the private sector, I worked as an instructor in Customs and Foreign Trade and vocational training.

I am still actively working as a consultant and trainer.


Educational Level

I graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 1987.

I graduated from Anadolu University Vocational School of Justice Administration in 2016.

I am continuing my undergraduate education at Istanbul University AUZEF Political Science and Public Administration for four years.

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