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  • Thirty years of experience obtained through public service in the customs community,
  • Fifteen years of active experience in the profession of Customs Consultancy and Authorized Customs Consultancy,
  • Knowing people working in foreign trade, being aware of their difficulties, having something to say about the solution,
  • Comprehending that today’s dilemma is yesterday’s unplanned and quickly produced solution,
  • Considering that both the problem and the solution should be viewed and evaluated with a second perspective,
  • Being aware that the purpose of foreign trade regulations is not to impose a ban or to raise obstacles; but they are implemented to protect the conscious, educated, and law-abiding foreign trade people,
  • IGDEM DANISMANLIK VE EGITIM listens to you, understands you, and suggests you the best solution.

Consulting & Training

Foreign Trade Legislation

Foreign Trade Legislation is Based on Three Fundamental Pillars. Customs Legislation , Regimes and Foreign Exchange Legislation

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Customs Legislation

Customs Legislation is represented on four essential elements. Tariff, Origin Value and Transaction or use approved by the Customs

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Foreign Exchange Legislation

Foreign exchange is the process of trading currency or documents that substitute money.

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